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Button HTML

A Button HTML is a XVW component that's used to define an action visually.


XML Definition

A Button HTML is declared as following:

<xvw:buttonHtml label="BUTTON_LABEL" action="#{SERVER_ACTION}" style="BUTTON_STYLE" 

Component from which the Button HTML Extends

  • XUICommand

Components that Extend Button HTML

  • None

Button HTML Properties

Property DescriptionSorted ascending Type Possible Values Requirement Default Value Example
style HTML "style" property, to have CSS properties declared directly in the element String Valid CSS properties optional   style='font-color:#CCCCC;float:left'
action The action to execute server-side EL   optional    
label The label of the button String Any text optional #Button#  
className The name of a CSS class to apply to the button String Any valid CSS class name optional    

Possible Child Components:

  • None

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