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-- PedroRio - 13 Sep 2010


The xvw:rows components creates a tabular structure so that form elements can be placed inside. The purpose is to have those form components aligned in any way desired

Property Description Type Possible Values Default Value Usage ExampleSorted ascending
cellSpacing The spacing between cells Integer Any positive value (including 0) 5 Optional  
cellPadding THe padding of the text inside cells Integer Any positive value (including 0) 5 Optional  
columns The number of columns in this table (to allow better formating) Integer Any positive value 2 Optional  
labelPosition The position of the labels (can be left of an input field, or on top of a input field) String 'left' / 'Top' left Optional  
labelWidth The width of each label inside a cell Integer Any positive value 100 Optional  
columnWidths The width of the columns in this table String A list of comma-separated values (can be in percentage or pixels) or "auto" auto Optional columnWidths='33%,33%,33%' or columnWidths='100px,300px,300px'
height The height of the table String Any positive value in percentage or pixels 99,9% Optional height='300px' or height='50%'
width The width of the table String Any positive value in percentage or pixels 99,9% Optional width='300px' or width='50%'


The xvw:row element creates a row (hence the name) inside a table (xvw:rows), this component does not have any properties and serves only to create a row that can be filled using xvw:cell components.


The xvw:cell component creates a column within a row of a table. The component does not have properties by itself but allows to define a structure for a table.


To create a tow row table each with two columns, the following code can be used

    <xvw:cell> Cell1 of Row1</xvw:cell>
    <xvw:cell> Cell2 of Row1</xvw:cell>
    <xvw:cell> Cell1 of Row 2</xvw:cell>
    <xvw:cell> Cell2 of Row 2</xvw:cell>

To be continued

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Topic revision: r5 - 2011-03-31 - PedroRio

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