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-- PedroRio - 31 Mar 2010

XEO Known Issues

This page is compendium of situations and issues about XEO Core. Following is the list of situations documented:

The clone() method of a boObject instance does not duplicate attributes of type AttributeBinaryData

The clone() method in the boObject class does duplicate binary attributes (files) but only creates a reference in the cloned instance. In order to be able to fully clone the instance you need to duplicate the file yourself, like in the following code:

            boObject original;
            boObject toClone = original.cloneObject();

            iFileServer fs = new iFileServer();
            iFile file = original.getAttribute("attribute_binary_content").getValueiFile();
            String filedir = "//" + BasiciFile.IFILE_SERVICE_NAME + "/" + file.getName();
            iFile xfiledir = fs.getFile(filedir);

If the instance has several binary attributes you need to this step once for each attribute.

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