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XEO Core Reference

This is the main page for information relative to the XEO Core module of the XEO Framework (also known as XEO Runtime). In this page you'll find reference information about XEO Models, XEO Runtime configuration, and more.You can find the following content in this page:

XEO Object Model Reference

The complete reference about creating XEO Object Models ( read more)

Security within a XEO Application

Reference about the security properties in XEO ( read more)

XEO Java API Reference

More in-depth look at XEO's Java API (Core API read more)

Business Object Language (BOL) Reference

Explanation of XEO's built-in "scripting" language" ( read more)

XEO Query Language (BOQL)

XEO's built-in query language to query instances of XEO Object Models ( read more)

Advanced features of the XEO Framework

XEO Administration

EveryXEO Application has a set of parameters and configurations that can be visualized and changed in order to properly maintain the health of the application. The Administration console allows you to do just that ( read more)

XEO Application - Threads and Schedules

In a XEO Application threads and schedules can be configured to perform background tasks (such as optimization, maintenance, etc...)( read more)

boConfig - XEO Application Configuration

The boConfig.xml file is the configuration file for a XEO Application ( read more)

Web.xml configurations for XEO

A XEO application's web.xml file contains some xeo-specific configurations which can customized ( read more).

Known Issues

There are some known issues/situations when using XEO Core which developers need to be aware of, you can read more in the Known Issues page.


The following is a list of libraries/frameworks used by the XEO framework (with a description and a link to the project's web site, go to the libraries page.

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