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-- PedroRio - 2014-03-18

XEO Flags (JVM Parameters)

This page is a reference for all the JVM parameters that can be passed to an XEO application and how they affect the application behavior.

Flag Values Default Value Requires Description
xeo.development true/false false   Sets the application in development mode (allows to invoke builderDevelopment.jsp as well for instance)
xeo.minified true/false true   Instructs XEO to include Javascripts and CSS values that are compressed and minified, if set to false load all scripts untouched (if an application is in development mode, scripts are also loaded untouched)
xeo.autologin true/false false xeo.development When acessing the application, if no user session is found, logs with SYSUSER
xeo.autologinuser Name of an existing user   xeo.autologin Instead of automical login with the SYSUSER log with this specific user instead
xeo.autologinprofile Name of an existing profile   xeo.development, xeo.autologinuser When automatically logging in, set the the profile to this specific profile
xeo.home Path to root of the application     Required for the application to work
xeo.backwardCompatibility true/false false   By default, when calculating onChangeSubmit dependencies. Objects check for the their attributes and for objects in collection attributes. For performance reasons this behavior was changed to only check the object's attributes (and also because there are very few cases where this behavior was effectively used). As such, if you need the behavior, enable the property.
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