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XEO Web Components Reference

This section provides information about XEO Web Components (XWC the visual layer of the XEO Framework. You'll find information about the components provided by XEO, you'll also find tutorials and reference material about how to create your own component or how to create a plugin to an existing component.You can find the following content in this section:

XEO Web Components List

The XEO Framework includes a set of pre-defined components to accelerate the programer's job. There are two types of components, the ones that can be used freely and the ones that are binded to XEO objects.

The components binded to XEO Models are designated XEO Components and the not-binded are XVW Components (there are XVW components which can be binded to XEO Models, but it's not a requirement).

XEO Components:

As explained before, XEO Components are typically binded to a XEO Object and there are several categories of components

XEO Components - Forms
  • FormEdit - Form to edit a XEO Object
  • FormList - Form to list a set of XEO Objects
  • FormLookupList - Form to allow the selection of a XEO Object from a list of XEO Objects
XEO Components - List of Objects

  • List - A list of XEO objects
  • Bridge - The list of objects in a bridge of a given XEO Object
  • LookupList - A list of objects to make a selection from (a Lookup)
XEO Components - Toolbars

XEO Components - Other

XVW Components:

XVW Components - Form Attributes (Input):

In form components, input components can be used to the gather input from a user

AttributeBase- Base component from which all component inherit their properties

XVW Components - Form Attributes (Output):

Java API Samples

A list of Java code snippets regarding common operations with the Java API of Web Components ( read more)

XEO Web Components - Custom Component Creation

How to create a custom component a use it in a viewer.( read more)

Internationalization ( I18N)

It's possible to have messages for the various components/viewers localized in multiple languages, the procedure on how to achieve that is described in the I18N page.

Value Change Listeners

XEO Web Components that extend the XUIOutput component can have a value change listener, i.e. a method will be invoked whenever the value of the component changes ( read more).

Viewer Events

Viewer Events are a mechanism that allow you to interact at the Java Bean level in the various parts of a viewer life-cycle ( read more)

XEO Web Component Plugin

Instead of creating a full web component, you can also create a component plugin to change some of the default behavior of the component ( read more)


The following table summarizes the list of libraries/frameworks used in the XEO Framework (including a description and a link to the project site). Go to the page.

Web Components Default Properties

XEO XWC Data List Connectors

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