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Web Components Default Properties

This functionality of XEO Web Components gives the ability to the programmer to define the default behaviour of all XEO Web Components in a project basis. Every Web component in XEO has his own default properties defined in the Component Class. For example:

<xeo:editToolBar />

If an editToolBar is used without defining any of its properties. There are already a number of properties that have certain default values, those are inherit automatically from the editToolBar class. Its also possible to define and change this properties on a viewer/component basis, for example:

<xeo:editToolBar renderExportMenu="true"
   renderInformationMenu="true" renderListVersionBtn="true" />

When this is done on a viewer the default values for the properties renderExportMenu, renderInformationMenu and renderListVersionBtn are only changed on this particular viewer and component instance.

With Web Components Default Properties, XEO gives the ability to change the default value for any property of every component in a project.

To be able to use this functionality in a project, a file called XWVDefaultProperties.properties needs to exist in the src of the project.

The format of this file is:



For example if the default value of the property renderListVersionBtn on the xeo:editToolBar component needs to be changed project wide, it can be done with:


After that every time a xeo:editToolBar is used in a viewer, the value of the property defined in the file is used instead of the one the component Class has.

-- AntonioCruz - 05 Dec 2012

Topic revision: r2 - 2012-12-05 - AntonioCruz

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