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-- PedroRio - 11 Jun 2010


The XvwAttributeBase is not a component per-se, but it is (as the name suggests) the base for all attribute components in the XWC framework

All attribute components (used to build forms) are based on this component and inherit all its properties, thus it's important to know this component.

Property Description Requirement Default Value Data Type Notes Since
isLov Renders the attribute as a combo. Optional False Boolean    
dataFieldConnector To connect a data stored in a Data Base to the XvwAttributeBase. Optional   DataFieldConnector    
isLovEditable If set to True allows the user to edit the Lov. Optional False Boolean    
validation Defines if the Attribute is valid. Optional   EL If there is an e-mail Attribute Text the validation may be used to decide if the e-mail is in the correct format.  
onChangeSubmit Trigers an event when the Attribute changes value. Optional False Boolean If the value of the attribute changes, submit to the server to trigger dependent calculations  
onChangeSubmitLockScreen Whether or not the screen is locked in an OnChangeSubmit event is triggered Optional False Boolean   3.2.014
dependencies The list of attributes which make the list of dependencies of this attribute Optional   String[]    
dataType To define the type of data of the Attribute. Optional   Byte    
inputRenderType The type of input of this attribute (affects) Optional   Byte Can use attributeText / attributeLov / attributeNumberLookup etc... to override the default renderer for the attribute  
width Defines the width of the rendered Attribute. Optional   String    
height Defines the height of the rendered Attribute. Optional   String    
maxLength Restricts the attributes maximum length. Optional/Recommended 0 Integer If it is not declared the attribute will be rendered but, since the default value is zero, the user will not be able to write any thing down. It is recommended to define this field on the Attribute  
decimalPrecision Defines the precision of a decimal. Optional   Integer    
minDecimalPrecision The minimum decimal precision Optional   Integer    
groupNumber Whether to group numbers using dots or not Optional False Boolean For example, the number 1000000 would be rendered as 1.000.000  
renderedValue COMPLETE Optional   Object    
disabled Evaluates if the Attribute is disabled. Optional False EL/Boolean Disabled attributes are generally grayed-out and cannot be edited  
readOnly Decides if the Attribute is read only. Optional False Boolean Read-only attributes cannot be edited  
visible Evaluates if the Attribute is visible. Optional True Boolean If false, hides the attribute  
modelRequired Whether this attribute is required or not Optional False Boolean Displays the label of the attribute in red  
recommended Alerts the user to an Attribute that should be field in. Optional False Boolean Displays the label of the attribute in red  
label Defines a label that is rendered along with the Attribute. Optional   String When the Attribute is rendered, the String defined in the label is also rendered to the left of the Attribute  
enableCardIdLink Creates a link to open the edit viewer of the object in the relation Optional   Boolean Works in the attributeNumberLookup, BridgeLookup and attributeSearchLookup  
displayValue The displayed value by the attribute Optional   String    
lookupViewer COMPLETE Optional   String    
lovMap Defines the Map associated with a Lov Optional/Recommended when using a Lov   Map<Object, String> When using an AttributeLov, the lovMap is used to define the text and corresponding values of the drop down menu  
invalidText The text to display when the attribute has an invalid value Optional   String The error message to show when the attribute is invalid  
fullTextSearch Whether full text search is enabled in lookup components Optional False Boolean Used in AttributeSearchLookup components  
showFavorites Whether to show the favorites button or not Optional False Boolean Used in AttributeNumerLookup and AttributeSearchLookup components  
listFavorites Property that allows retrieveing the list of favorite instances to display for the user to choose from Optional   Long[] Requires the showFavorites property to be true  
toolTip The tooltip to display in the label Optional   String   3.2
lookupResults The method to call to search for the results, must return a JSONArray Optional   JSONArray Used in AttributeAutoComplete component  
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