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-- PedroRio - 19 Jul 2010

AttributeImage (XVW Component)

This component binds to an


from the XEO Model, and instead of rendering a form field to select a new file, renders the content of the


an image.

Property Description Type Possible Values Default Value Usages Notes
objectAttribute The name of the attributeBinaryData from the object String - - Required  
emptyImage Path to the image to show if there's no content retrieved from "objectAttribute" String - - Required  
width The width of the rendered image Integer Any positive value - Optional  
height The height of the rendered image Integer Any positive value - Optional  
beanProperty   String   "currentData" Optional See text below the table
dataFieldConnector         Optional  
className         Optional  
align         Optional  
emptyImage The image to display when objectAttribute value is null       Optional  
renderLabel   Boolean   true Optional  
renderedValue   Object     Optional  

To display an image from an object which is not the object selected in the current form:

  • Create a Bean property which returns an
    (cast to
  • Set the "beanProperty" attribute to "viewBean" and the "objectAttribute" attribute to the name of the property in the bean
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