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-- JoaoQuintas - 17 Aug 2010

Action Button

An Action Button is a XVW component that's used to define an action visually.


XML Definition

An Action Button is declared as following:

<xvw:actionButton label="BUTTON_LABEL" action="#{SERVER_ACTION}" width="BUTTON_WIDTH"
   disabled="#{EL_BOOLEAN_DISABLED}" visible="#{EL_BOOLEAN_VISIBLE}" waitMode="WAIT_MODE"/>

Component from which the Action Button Extends

  • XUICommand

Components that Extend Action Button

  • None

Action Button Properties

Property Description Type Possible Values Usage Default Value Example Notes
label The label of the button String Any text optional #Button#    
width The width of the button Integer Any positive value optional 75    
action The action to be invoked server-side EL   optional      
image An icon to place with the button String A path to an icon optional      
disabled Whether or not the button is disabled (can't be clicked) EL / Boolean True / False optional False    
target The target where the action will be executed String blank, window, tab download, self, top optional      
visible Whether or not the button is visible EL / Boolean True / False optional True    
waitMode Defines the "waiting" message type while the request is processing Integer 1 / 2 optional 1    

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