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-- JoaoQuintas - 16 Aug 2010

Tree Panel

A Tree Panel is a XVW component that's used to organize menus.


XML Definition

A Tree Panel is declared as following:

   <xvw:treePanel root="ROOT_NAME" hideRoot="BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION" reload="BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION">
      <xvw:menu> MENU </xvw:menu>

Component from which the Tree Panel Extends

Components that Extend Tree Panel

  • None

Section Properties

Property Description Requirement Default Value Type Notes
To create a tree panel with dynamic content.
This property accepts a EL Expression that returns a Menu component which holds
the structure of the tree to be rendered
optional   EL / Menu  
hideRoot If the "root" property was specified, add to the optional   Boolean / EL  
reload Trigger the tree to be reloaded/refreshed at the end of the request optional false Boolean / EL  

The default tab to open when displaying the tree.
Id of the Menu which will be invoked for the default tab

optional   String / EL  
toolBarPlacement The placement of the toolbar (see XVW TreePanelToolBar below) Optional "bottom" String / EL Possible values: "top", "bottom"

Possible Child Components:

XVW TreePanelToolBar

is a child of XVW TreePanel


Property Requirement Default Value Type
text optional "ToolBar" EL /String
icon optional ""  
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