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-- JoaoQuintas - 16 Aug 2010

Tree Panel

A Tree Panel is a XVW component that's used to organize menus.


XML Definition

A Tree Panel is declared as following:

   <xvw:treePanel root="ROOT_NAME" hideRoot="BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION" reload="BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION">
      <xvw:menu> MENU </xvw:menu>

Component from which the Tree Panel Extends

Components that Extend Tree Panel

  • None

Section Properties

PropertySorted ascending Description Requirement Default Value Type Notes

The default tab to open when displaying the tree.
Id of the Menu which will be invoked for the default tab

optional   String / EL  
hideRoot If the "root" property was specified, add to the optional   Boolean / EL  
reload Trigger the tree to be reloaded/refreshed at the end of the request optional false Boolean / EL  
To create a tree panel with dynamic content.
This property accepts a EL Expression that returns a Menu component which holds
the structure of the tree to be rendered
optional   EL / Menu  
toolBarPlacement The placement of the toolbar (see XVW TreePanelToolBar below) Optional "bottom" String / EL Possible values: "top", "bottom"

Possible Child Components:

XVW TreePanelToolBar

is a child of XVW TreePanel


Property Requirement Default Value Type
text optional "ToolBar" EL /String
icon optional ""  
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