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-- PedroRio - 16 Jan 2012


The GridExplorer component augments the GridPanels capabilities with two important features: Preview, Saved Views and Advanced Search

The Preview allows to preview any instance being displayed in the Explorer

The Saved Views allows to group/sort/filter a given explorer and then save the "view" to be reused later (or to be shared)

The Advanced Search allows to create custom search queries to filter the data visible in the explorer

Property Description Usage Default Value Type Possible Values
previewPanelPosition Position of the preview panel Optional OFF Enumeration OFF / LEFT / RIGHT / BOTTOM
enablePreviewPanel Whether or not the preview panel is displayed Optional true Boolean True / False
enableSaveView Whether or not the save view button is displayed Optional true Boolean  
enableListSavedViews Whether or not the list with saved views is displayed Optional true Boolean  
previewPanelHeight The height of the preview panel Optional 250 Integer  
previewPanelMode The type of the preview panel (only works in preview mode currently) Optional PREVIEW Enumeration  
previewPanelWidth The width of the preview panel Optional 350 Integer  
previewCommand The command to generate the preview Required #viewBean.previewObject String  
renderExplorerOnToolBar Render the explorer toolbar on an existing toolbar Optional   String ID of the toolbar to use
enableAdvancedSearch Enables the advanced search feature Optional false Boolean  
currentSavedViewId       String  
currentSavedViewBOUI       Long  
renderViewPort       Boolean  
isSavedViewOwner     true Boolean  


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