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-- PedroRio - 22 Mar 2010


The AttributeNumber component is used to store numeric values. If has properties to force minimum and maximum values.

Note: When you use the attributeNumber and store the value using the property valueExpression you create a getter and setter for the property value. These must accept and return a BigDecimal value, you also need to set the displayValue property (you can set it to nothing, like displayValue="") because otherwise it will trigger an error.


Bean Code

private BigDecimal numberValue;
public BigDecimal getNumberValue();
public void setNumberValue(BigDecimal value){
numberValue = value;


Viewer Code

<xvw:attributeNumber valueExpression='#{viewBean.numberValue}' displayValue="">

If you use the xvw:attribute component and set the inputType property to "attributeNumber" you can skip setting the "displayValue" property.

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