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-- JoaoQuintas - 13 Aug 2010


A Panel is a XVW component that's used to create panels inside a viewer.


XML Definition

A Panel is declared as following:

<xvw:panel title="PANEL_TITLE">

Component from which the Panel Extends

  • None

Components that Extend Panel

  • None

Panel Properties

Property Description Requirement Default Value Type Notes
title Changes the display name of the panel optional - String  

Evaluates and decides if the panel is shown or not

optional -true EL  
height Height of the panel optional - String  
width Width of the panel optional - String  
layout   optional - String  
icon Path to an icon to show in the panel title optional - String  
collapsible Whether the panel is collapsible or not optional false Boolean not all renderers support this

Possible Child Components:

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