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-- PedroRio - 2013-11-12


In order to make code easier to write, beggining with version 3.2.014 XEO has a class netgest.bo.system.XEO which acts as a Facade for several APIs. It includes the following types of methods (see the class for more details in your IDE, note that If you need to explicitly use a certain instance of EboContext call the method which accepts the context as a parameter, otherwise it will use the default context (available at boApplication.currentContext().getEboContext())

XEO.loadObject - Loads an object given its boui

XEO.loadWithQuery - Loads an object given a BOQL query, you can pass arguments and those arguments can be boObject instances (no need to do object.getBoui())

XEO.list -Creates a boObjectList (arguments can be boObject instances)

XEO.builder - Creates a builder for when you need to pass extra parameters to the boObjectList

XEO.getLov - Retrieves a certain lovObject

XEO.getMetadata (alias for boDefHandler.getBoDefinition()) - Retrieves the Object metadata

XEO.login* - Login as SYSUSER or as a specific user

XEO.get*Locale - Retrieve the Locale associated with the application/user

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