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-- PedroRio - 07 Mar 2011

XEO Common Errors

Learning a new framework requires patience and is prone to some errors. This section is a compilation of "regular" errors/mistakes that you will probably experience when using XEO.

My Viewer does not load and displays an error message like: "Error loading class [ ... ] for the viewer [ ... ]"

There are several situations that could cause this problem to occurs, check the following scenarios:

  • In the xvw:viewer component representing the viewer, the beanClass property points to a non-existing Bean (check if the name matches your class)
  • You have custom code in the Bean's constructor that is throwing an exception (debug your code)
  • The class that you're trying to use for the bean is not in the project's classpath (check the classpath)

I'm trying to display a XUIMessage programmatically, but the message is never displayed.

If you are trying to display a message using the XUIMessage class with something like the following:

XUIRequestContext.getCurrentContext().addMessage("ID", new XUIMessage(XUIMessage.TYPE_ALERT, XUIMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR, "Error", "MyCustomError"));

And the message is not being displayed, check if you're declaring the xvw:errorMessages component in the XML declaration of the viewer (this is not need in a viewer which contains the xeo:formEdit component). You need to declare the xvw:errorMessages component in your viewer in order to display these messages.

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