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A boObjectList is a (paginated) list of boObject instances resulting from a query made to the XEO application's data source (typically a DBMS). A boObjectList instance has a cursor that can be used to iterate over the results.

Method name Description Parameters Return type Notes
beforeFirst Positions the cursor before the first position, so that a call to next moves the cursor to the first element - void  
getRecordCount Retrieves the number of records returned by the select query - long  
getRowCount Retrieves the number of rows in the page - int  
next Advances the cursor to the next element in the same page - boolean Returns true if there more elements in the page and false otherwise (boObjectList instances are paged)
nextPage Advances the cursor to the next page of elements - boolean Returns true if there are more pages (by default each page has 50 elements)
haveMorePages Checks whether or not the cursor is in the last page of the results - boolean  
haveBoui Checks if a given BOUI is in the elements of the list Long boui boolean  
isLastPage Checks whether the cursor is in the last page of elements - boolean  
isEmpty Check whether the list is empty -    
getPages Retrieves the number of pages of the current list - int  
getPageSize Retrieves the size of each page - int  
getPage Retrieves the current page number - int  
getObject Retrieves the object at the current cursor's position - boObject  
removeCurrent Removes the object at the current position of the cursor - boolean  
containsChangedObjects Checks if the collection contains any boObject instance that was changed since it was loaded - boolean  
moveTo Moves the cursor to a specific position int pos void  


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