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The boManagerLocal interface (there are two implementations, boManagerBean and boSecurityManagerBean, the difference between them is that the second respects permissions declared in the XEO Application while the first does not) is a manager to deal with boObject instances. It allows to create new boObject instances as well as loading existing instances. To create/load a boObject instance, the boManagerLocal will always require an EboContext instance (as explained in the EboContext section).

Table of important methods in the boManagerLocal API

Method Name Description Parameters Return type Notes
createObject Creates a new object instance for a given object name

EboContext ctx, String objectName

boObject -
createObject Creates a new object instance for a given object name and filled with data from a data set EboContext ctx, String objectName, DataSet data boObject  
createObjectWithParent Creates a new object instance for a given object instance and associates a parent instance EboContext ctx, String objectName, long parentBoui boObject * Usefull when creating non-orphan instances programatically.
loadObject Loads an object given its boui EboContext ctx, long boui boObject -
loadObject Loads an object given a BOQL expression EboContext ctx, String boql boObject It the BOQL expression retrieves more than one result, the first boObject instance from that result is returned

The boManagerLocal interface has more methods that allow creating and loading boObject instances, but the more important one are listed in the above table.


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