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-- PedroRio - 03 Mar 2011

Attribute Sequence

An Attribute Sequence type represents a sequence of values that is auto-incremented. The options for this type of attribute are explained bellow:


The type of sequence. You can create sequences using the following expressions:

sequence(1) - will create a sequence starting with 1 (one), you can put any value here as the starting value.

sequence(attributeName) - will create a sequence whose value is linked to the value of a given attribute. For example, if you use sequence(att1) and you have five instances of a XEO Model (which declares an attribute att1) with value "AAA" for att1, the sequence will have value four and the next instance created with value "AAA" for att1 will be have value five (in the sequence attribute). If, however, you create an instance which has a different value for att1, for that instance the sequence will start again. This is useful to create sequences based on, for example, a date, or just a year.


The maximum length (in digits) of the sequence. If this value is 3, the maximum value for this sequence is 999.


The minimum value for the sequence


The maximum value for the sequence

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